A. Escandón & Y. Gross


Book design for ‘Aya’ by Arguiñe Escandón and Yann Gross.

Following in the footsteps of Charles Kroehle, a pioneering 19th-century photographer who supposedly disappeared in the Peruvian Amazon, Escandón and Gross describe an unreal immersion into the dense jungle vegetation, where they developed a process of organic photography. Aya is a dialogue between the representation of exoticism and one’s own sensory experience.

The book features tactile text inserts and posters, which are facsimile prints of the same ‘phytography’ organic printing technique developed by the photographers, which uses only plants and the light of the sun.

Book design
Publisher: Editorial RM
Photography: Yann Gross and Arguiñe Escandón
Text: Arnaud Robert, Joël Vacheron, Jean-Pierre Chaumeil & Juan Carlos La Serna
Printer: MUSUMECI S.p.A (Valle d’Aosta)
⇒ ISBN: (English) 978-84-17975-04-3 / (Spanish) 978-84-17975-03-6
⇒ Size: 1 × 15 × 29 cm
⇒ 96 pages