Book and exhibition

Book design and exhibition on behalf of the FOCUS association, which invited Régis Tosetti to take part in an exchange between Swiss and international artists in Kyrgyzstan.

The result of the dialogue was displayed in an exhibition at the Bishkek Fine Arts Museum, and in a book documenting the experience of the exchange. The approach gave the artists the opportunity to discover each other, and to work together around a theme chosen for its importance in both cultures: the mountain. All pieces of art born through this collaboration explored both realistic and mythological perceptions of the mountain.

Bishkek, 2009
Book design / Workshop
FOCUS Association in collaboration with the Bishkek Art Center presents a workshop between Swiss and Kyrgyz artists.
Presented by: Shaarbek Amankul and Shakyla Hussain
Invited artists: Chingiz Aidarov, Anatoli Kolesnikov, Bermet Borubaeva, Dmitry Petrovskiy, Nikolai Cherkasov, Adrienne Scherrer, Simon DeppierrazRégis Tosetti, Yann Gross

This publication relates the three weeks road trip and offers a glance at the workshop as well as the exhibition  TET A TET, presented at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek in November 2009.

Bishkek Fine Arts Museum, 196 Abdrahmanov street, 720045 Bishkek
Exhibition on view November 11 — 16, 2009

Published by FOCUS