Die Retrospektive

Book design for ‘Antonio Saura: The Retrospective’, on behalf of the Antonio Saura Foundation.

Antonio Saura (1930-1998) was one of the most influential Spanish artists of the 20th century. An autodidact, he began working as an artist in 1947, experimenting at first with various techniques. On a quest for the “real landscape of the subconscious,” he turned briefly to Surrealism, before developing his own very independent, expressive, gestural work in thematic cycles from 1956 onwards.

Presenting Saura’s entire complex oeuvre, our book design included carefully selecting material from the artist’s personal archives, to give a greater insight into his personal life, his individual creative phases and series of works.

Geneva, 2012
Book design
⇒ ISBN: 978-3-7757-3369-4 
⇒ 308 pages
⇒ Size: 3.8 × 22 × 32 cm