Rebranding a jewellery brand

Global rebranding for Parisian jewellery brand STATEMENT. Founded in 2018 by Amélie Huynh, STATEMENT considers jewellery as an extension to the self: “Jewellery as armor rather than adornment”. Much more than decoration, it is a sign of freedom, power and of assertiveness.

Our redesign of STATEMENT’s brand logo expresses the brand’s true values, and echoes their aesthetic and creations with its powerful, geometric lines.

Paris, 2020
Art direction ⁄ Visual identity
Brand identity: NAPO PEOPLE
Creative direction: Régis Tosetti
Art direction with Olga Prader
Digital art: Thomas Traum (TRAUM INC)
Interior architecture: Agathe Labaye Architecture
Architecture: Abinal & Ropars Architectes
Furnitures: Florian Sumi
Digital experience: Imprudence
Photography: Maxime Guyon, Quentin Lacombe, Thomas Adank