Wayfinding for MCBA Lausanne

After having conceived the name and the visual identity of PLATEFORME 10, the new arts district in Lausanne, we were commissioned to create the wayfinding signage for the site, including the public signage inside the museums, starting at the Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCBA).

The visually dynamic signage features the PLATEFORME 10 Prismatext typography, as well as a unique set of pictograms (Prismaset symbols). Designed to be accessible to all, and adhering to the Swiss ‘culture inclusive’ label, the MCBA’s signage integrates seamlessly with the materials and spirit of the site’s architecture.

Lausanne, 2019
Wayfinding ⁄ Art direction
Phase 1 of the PLATEFORME 10 wayfinding project. Commissioned by the Canton de Vaud and Ville de Lausanne for the Musée des Beaux-Arts Lausanne (MCBA) and PLATEFORME 10. Project in collaboration with the architecture studio Barozzi Veiga (Barcelona). Type design: Prismatext Regular and Bold developed with Lineto 
Pictograms: Prismaset Symbols developed with Rafael Koch & Mauro Paolozzi (Noir Associates [co-authors of the Prismaset with James Goggin])