Art direction and graphic design for REMADE IN SWITZERLAND, a capsule collection by fashion designer Christopher RÆBURN for Victorinox.

Through visual storytelling, we wanted to bring to the historic brand identity a new up-cycled RÆBURN touch and spirit. We were given access to Karl Eisner’s original workspace (where he developed the iconic Swiss army knife) to not only produce garments, but also use it as a location backdrop for campaign photography.

The collaboration was launched as an interactive installation during New York Fashion Week in 2011, featuring garments suspended by parachute cords on custom-made, crossbow-like coat-hangers, a gallery wall of Victorinox employee portraits modelling the collection, and a text detailing the evolution of the collaboration, which was also illustrated with lithographs.

Ibach, 2012 
Art direction
Photo: Sam Scott-Hunter
Photo: Sam Scott-Hunter
Films and photography: Yann Gross
3D installation animation for the NY fashion week: More Soon