FW16 Lookbook and Installation

Art direction for Victorinox’s FW16 lookbook images and multiscreen installation at the Swiss Institute for New York Fashion Week.

The immersive installation used a mixture of CGI and live-action footage to create distinctive environments for the four key looks of the collection. The film was projected onto three large gallery walls, which also featured laser-cut metal sheets and light boxes. In addition, the installation also included a 32-channel soundtrack, mixed in real time by custom-made software, and all set on a loop in a never-ending aural and visual experience.

New York, 2016
Art direction ⁄ Installation
Installation: Thomas Traum and Napo People
3D & Film direction: TRAUM INC
Sound design & Music: Dom Harwood (toot!)
Model: Jaycey Elthalion
Casting director: Sarah Bunter
Still life photography: Florian Joye